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KUAN, Da-wei Jul.,2011

Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan(ROC)

Fieldwork of Ethnology: Studies on Tayal Culture and Geography

ONG, Nga-ping Jul.,2011


The Current Situation of Ethnic Groups in Southeast Asia

CHANG, Jiunn-yih Mar.,2010

Tongdao Dong Autonomous County, Hunan Province China

Field Studies of Ethnologic Arts-侗族傳統建築調查

ONG, Nga-ping
CHEN, Wen-ling

Aceh province,Indonesia

International community volunteer and Aboriginal Affairs Action Research - Indonesia's Aceh

CHANG, Jiunn-yih Jun.,2009

Tibet Autonomous Region,China

Contemporary Situations of Ethnic Minorities in China

CHANG, Jiunn-yih Aug.,2007

Maguan County, Yunnan Province,China


LIM, Siu-theh Aug.,2007



CHANG, Chung-fu Oct.,2007

Gansu province, China

Seminar on the Writing Training of Hui Minzu of Thesis and Dissertation: The Muslim Society of Northwest China