1. Ethno-Museum
In order to maintain and utilize more than 2000 cultural artifacts, samples and pictures collected since the era of “Department of Ethnology and Sociology”, the Department of Ethnology established its Ethno-Museum after the construction of the College of Social Science Building in 2000. This multi-functional museum works in coordination with the course designing in the department, and contributes to the department’s teaching, research and archive retention.

The collections in this museum mainly include the arts from Taiwan indigenous peoples and ethnic minorities in China. The museum holds permanent exhibitions and also holds special exhibitions every year during the celebration of the university's anniversary. Under the present curator, Associate Professor Jiunn-Yih Chang and the students’ elaborate management, the Ethno-Museum plays an important role in forming the features of NCCU campus and is a must-see place during the reception of foreign visitors.

2. Library
There two libraries in the Department of Ethnology: the Departmental Library and Professor Hsueh-Jyh Li Memorial Library. There are currently more than 11,000 books and 3000 journals in these two libraries. The books in these two libraries are mostly collected by the faculties during their visits overseas. Some of the books were donated from deceased faculties Professor Wu-Wei Ou-Yang and Professors Jun-Zhang Jiang. The others are held in trust for the Committee of Border Area Research. The bibliographical information has been digitalized and all the collections are opened to the faculties and students. As many of the collections were collected by the faculties through their personal accesses during Taiwan’s martial law era or donated from retired faculties, the collections are very precious and cannot be found in other libraries in Taiwan.

3. Information Technology Equipment
There is one computer lab in the Department of Ethnology equipped with desk-top computers for students to process their paper, field data, and video information. The department is also equipped with lap-top computers, projectors, digital recorders, digital cameras, digital camcorders, and GPS tracking devices that can be provided to faculties and students for their needs in teaching and field research.