LIM, Siu-theh
TITLE: Honorary Professor
EDUCATION: Ph.D., Institute National des Languages et Civilisations Orientals, Universit’e ParisⅢ, France
COURSE: Ethnology, Ethnic Literature, Nationality Policy, Mongolian History
Academic Achievements

David Leopold HOLM
TITLE: Honorary Professor
EDUCATION: Ph.D. of University of Oxford, UK
COURSE: The Research Theory of Ethnology、Introduction to Ethnolinguistics、Readings in Contemporary Ethnographic Classics
Academic Achievements   


ONG, Nga-ping
TITLE: Associate Professor & Chair
EDUCATION: Ph.D. of Education, NCCU, Taiwan, R.O.C
COURSE: Ethnological Fieldwork, Ethnic Issues of Taiwan Aborigines
Academic Achievements

ZHAO, Zhu-cheng
TITLE: Professor
EDUCATION: Ph.D. of History, Kazan State University, Russia
COURSE: Mongolian History, History of Ethnic Relation in Russia, Contemporary Ethnic Issues in Russia  
Acaemic Achievements

CHANG, Hui-tuan
TITLE: Associate Professor
EDUCATION: Ph.D. of Anthropology, University of Sydney, Australia
COURSE: Socio-cultural Anthropology, Museum Studies, Taiwan Aborigines
Academic Achievements

CHANG, Chung-fu
TITLE: Associate Professor &
Distinguished Professor of Minzu        University of China (Beijing)
EDUCATION: Ph.D. of History, NCCU, Taiwan, R.O.C
COURSE: Muslims ethnic minorities in China, Ethno-History of China, Islamic history of China
Academic Achievements

LAN, Mei-hua
TITLE: Associate Professor
EDUCATION: Ph.D. of Inner Asian and Altaic Studies, Harvard University, U.S.A
COURSE:Mongolian History, Inner Asian History, Ethnology, Visual Anthropology
Academic Achievements

HUANG, Chi-ping
TITLE: Associate Professor
EDUCATION: M.A. of Nationality Studies, NCCU, Taiwan, R.O.C
COURSE: Ethnic Literature, Ethnos and Tourism
Academic Achievements

KUAN, Da-wei
TITLE: Associate Professor
EDUCATION: Ph.D. of Geography, Hawai'i University, U.S.A
COURSE: Policies on Ethnos, Ethnic geography,Indigenous Spatial Studies, Community-based Resource Management
Academic Achievements

KAO, Ya-ning
TITLE: Associate Professor
EDUCATION: Ph.D. of Anthropology, Melbourne University, Australia
COURSE: Seminar on Shamanism, Public Anthropology, Zhuang Studies

Courtney WORK
TITLE: Assistant Professor
EDUCATION: Ph.D. of Anthropology, Cornell University, USA
COURSE: The Research Theory of Ethnology, The Research Methods of Ethnology
Academic Achievements